This is a blog for clothes I'd like to wear.
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Transparent Jelly Boots

Use the code “eikkibunny” for a special discount

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So the circle is doing a joined Taobao order, which means that I can get my hands on some awesome mori clothes!! This is what I’ve settled on so far, but I may have to lose a few items :P
Everything but the bear onepiece is from

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Sweet Pina Collection- chiffon Frill Onepiece

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next is Witch of Space, based on this design by rumminov

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Chiffon Polka Dot Skort ($14) | Keutokki (free shipping)
Use the code "himetokieu" for 12% off!

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Hand Painted Harajuku Shoes  ♥  Use chii-sweets for a 10% discount.

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